Conference on HEO orbits


MARCH 31 th

IAS (Toulouse)

Highly Elliptical Orbits are of a great interest for many reasons. If we think abouttelecommunications, we can think about MOLNIYA satellite where the apogee of the orbit allows the visibility from the high latitudes of a chosen area of the Earth. If we think about INTEGRAL satellite, we can avoid there some of the Earth radiations and sight perturbations due to the magnetosphere and the atmosphere, we can observe continuously because of the long period of the orbit, also the space telescope will stay less time into the Earth shadow if it occurs. If we think about TUNDRA satellite, we can detect missile launch more easily than from other orbits. Finally, but it isn't exhaustive, we can think about Super GTO orbit of an upper stage of a launcher where the possibility of the re-entry can occur earlier because of the Moon perturbation, in this case of intended re-entry, the mission analysis will select the values of the initial parameters of the orbit to do so. The one day conference is dedicated to dynamics of HEO, to suitable space mechanics methods and tools, to true orbital experiments and analysis. Propagate, and understand behaviors of HEO is always a challenge but this becomes easier than ever because of our improvements in semi-analytical modeling with HEOSAT and STELA software. However, the numerical integration of trajectory remains very useful once the technique is symplectic or regularized. The first part is devoted to the theoretical point of view, the second part to the practical point of view.

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Friday, 31 March, 2017 - 09:20 - 16:15
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