Environnement atmosphérique et spatial

« The ENV CCT is a technical skill community aiming to share knowledge and expertise between CNES (French Space Agency), aviation and aerospace companies, scientific laboratories together with anyone directly involved in the study of the atmospheric and space environment.

Therefore, workshops and seminars are organized to address technical areas in the scope of this CCT :

  • Particles, Radiations (Earth, interplanetary, planets)
  • Magnetic field (Earth, other planets)
  • Space Weather (Sun/Earth interaction)
  • Space debris, meteorites
  • Satellite charging
  • Variations in upper-atmosphere density
  • Composition of the upper-atmosphere (atomic oxygen,…)

The ENV CCT advanced all the problems of those whose activity is linked to constraints generated by atmospheric and space environments : physics, modeling, simulations, tests, design rules, lessons learnt.

The archives of the animations (presentation media) are available by following the links below :