Hybridization GNSS and video



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Hybridization GNSS and Video

Thursday 3rd of July 2014


GNSS is a positioning technique widely used in the transport domain. However, it can suffer from harsh environments such as, for example, the urban environment, where buildings can mask some satellites, thus reducing the accuracy of the position, or even making a GNSS position impossible.

On the other side, vision-based positioning has been used widely in the field of robotics. Vision-based measurements can provide a wide array of complementary information that can either help GNSS positioning and guidance (lane recognition, masking detection, obstacle avoidance), or even be integrated in a positioning data fusion algorithm.


The ENAC (the French Civil Aviation University) in coordination with the CNES (the French Space Agency) CCT PDS organized on the 3rd of July 2014 a workshop on "Hybridization GNSS and Video" held at ENAC headquarters in Toulouse, France. This workshop aimed at providing an overview of currently researched positioning techniques mixing camera measurements and GNSS.

This unique event gathered experts working within the field of GNSS hybridization and related topics. The program included both industrials (Airbus, Continental) and academics (CNRS-LAAS, ENAC, IFSTTAR, UTBM). The day consisted of invited talks, a formal round table Q&A and informal discussion opportunities. Toulouse's position as a centre of excellence in GNSS, civil aviation and associated fields of engineering created a fruitful atmosphere for discussion, debate and knowledge exchange.


Information available to CCT PDS members :

0 - Workshop invitation on CCT PDS website

1 - Detailed program

2 - Classification  of  Vision-based  Positioning  Techniques  in  Unknown Environments (A. Ben Afia, ENAC)

3 - Multi-sensor  Hybridisation  Technology  and  Vision-based  SLAM  –  Results and Embedded Implementation (L. Soulier, CEA, Y. Leclerc, M3 Systems)

4 - The  VisioLand  project  -  Vision  based  automatic  Landing  of  a  passenger aircraft (J. Boada-Bauxell, Airbus)

5 - PhD - Integration of Video in a GNSS/INS hybridization algorithm for aircraft approach and landing (J. Vézinet, ENAC, A. Guillet, Airbus)

6 - Real-time implementation of Ultra-Fast SLAM algorithm on a small UAV (A. Robin, Airbus Defence & Space)

7 - GNSS reflection mitigation by 3D urban structure estimation (J.  Marais, J. Moreau, S. Ambellouis, Y. Ruichek, IFSTTAR)

8 - Visual  and  inertial  data  hybridization  by  SLAM  -  application  to  mobile robotics (S. Lacroix, CNRS-LAAS)

9 - Multi-sensors based vehicle localization (C. Cappelle, UTBM)

10 - Improvement  of  road  safety  and  Advanced  Driver  Assistance  Systems  (S. Boverie, Y. Dordet, Continental Automotive France)

11 - List of participants