Positioning with Confidence Workshop


Workshop CCT PDS

Centres de Compétence Technique - Positionnement et Datation par Satellite


Positioning with Confidence


Thursday 28th of November 2013


The ENAC (the French Civil Aviation University) in coordination with the CNES (the French Space Agency) CCT PDS organized on the 28th of November 2013 a workshop "Positioning with Confidence" held at ENAC headquarters in Toulouse, France.

This event gathered GNSS experts working within the field of integrity monitoring and related topics. The day consisted of invited talks, a formal round table Q&A and informal discussion opportunities focused on the evolution of integrity monitoring within civil aviation and to wider terrestrial-based navigation applications. Toulouse's position as a centre of excellence in GNSS, civil aviation and associated fields of engineering created a fruitful atmosphere for discussion, debate and knowledge exchange.

The following topics wereto be addressed at the workshop:

  • integrity requirements derivation within civil aviation
  • space based augmentation systems/ground based augmentation systems
  • advanced receiver autonomous integrity monitoring
  • integrity requirements derivation in other applications
  • monitoring for terrestrial applications (road, rail, ...)
  • signal authentication


Informations mises à disposition des adhérents :

0 - Workshop invitation on CCT PDS website

1 - Detailed program

2 - CCT CNES presentation (CNES)

3 - CCT PDS presentation (CNES)

4 - Introduction on Positioning with Confidence (ENAC)

5 - Process for Deriving Requirements for Integrity Monitoring for Civil Aviation (AIRBUS)

6 - Integrity of the SBAS Ground Segment (Thales Alenia Space France)

7 - Evolutions of SBAS (ESA EGNOS Project Office)


9 - Evolutions of GBAS (DLR)

10 - Integrity Monitoring for Road Applications (Thales Alenia Space France)

11 - Integrity Monitoring for Rail Applications (EGIS-RAIL)

12 - Integrity Monitoring for Space Applications : case of the ATV (EADS ASTRIUM)

13 - Signal Authentication (FDC)

14 - List of participants