Seminar - New developments in antenna measurement

New developments in antenna measurement

in CNES - Toulouse

The measurement of the antenna radiation pattern constitutes a necessary step to the production and the validation of the antenna proper functioning before its commercialization.
The experimental means and the software implemented have constantly evolved. The most noteworthy example is the apparition since these lasts decades of the near field technics in order to overcome to the far field condition.
Currently, the needs contribute strongly to the antenna measurements evolution and to an implementation of new technics of measurements.
We can quote in particular an extension of the frequency domains (to the lower or upper bands), which pushes the actors to update their means. This could lead to perform measurements in perturbed environment (externally measurement for example) where a post-processing step is mandatory in order to mitigate the environment effect. A major need is the reduction of the measurement time to be able to ensure the mass production of new antenna types or to measure a multi-antenna subsystems. It is generally observed a limitation or even a decrease of the acquisition time and an increase of the post-processing.
This seminar will attempt to examine the subject, namely to explain the need for the industrial in metrology as well as to show the new way of improvement brought by the laboratories and the university. It will also be the occasion to create new exchanges between the different partners in the optic of new developments and new collaborations.

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Agenda de la journée

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Tuesday, 23 January, 2018 - 08:00 - Wednesday, 24 January, 2018 - 12:00
CNES Toulouse - Salle de Conférence Poincaré