Space Economy: Development and Sustainability

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8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies  - RAST 2017

 “Space Economy: Development and Sustainability”

19-22 June 2017, Istanbul, Turkey.

Topics concerned :

•             Economic aspects of space, review and prospects

•             New and emerging private space initiatives

•             Space tourism for ordinary people including legal, physiological and other aspects

•             Asteroid mining, legal and technological aspects

•             New human habitable spacecraft, space capsules

•             Space technologies that contribute to public safety, and humanitarian efforts in the face of both natural, man-made threats,

•             Earth observation projects and programs geared especially toward prediction, mitigation, monitoring of natural disasters

•             Computational modeling for design, development and control of space vehicles.

•             Development of new and affordable launch capabilities

•             Small satellites, micro, nano and pico satellites, cubesats

•             New and novel instrumentation for various spacecraft functions, including ADCS, power, vehicle control, space robotics etc.

•             Design and construction of space structures, space     systems, materials, simulation and testing

•             Additive manufacturing technologies for space applications

•             Applications of nanotechnology in space           

•             New remote sensing technologies and applications, i.e. hyperspectral sensing, SAR, applications in environment, agriculture, etc.

•             Big Data from Space: Exploration of different types and huge amounts of data generated by space assets

•             Developments in GNSS, interoperability, new applications, including regional positioning systems

•             Satellite time and frequency transfer systems

•             Advanced technologies for satellite communications

•             Scientific applications, deep space, near-earth space, space weather, microgravity

•             Energy from space

•             Computational modeling of material processing and other flow physics associated processes under microgravity conditions

•             International cooperation, especially among spacefaring and developing countries

•             Space law, space medicine, and benefits of information available from space (social, educational and others)

•             Visions of the future of space science, multiverses, black holes, etc.

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Monday, 19 June, 2017 - 08:00 - Thursday, 22 June, 2017 - 17:00
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